A message from Greg Lock, Chairman, and Andrew Saye, President, of ACCC


To all of our players from two old farts,

As we start a new season we want to wish you all fun and games, and much enjoyment of the matches, ground, pavilion and competition. As you will see a lot of effort has gone in over the past few years to make the wicket one of the best in the league, to erect and furnish a pavilion which is the envy of many clubs and to provide practice and coaching facilities we can be proud of.

This work has all been voluntary and the main beneficiaries are you the players, after all that’s why we exist, to play and enjoy cricket ! 

Now comes the plea to you all as players to support the efforts of all those who raise money, prepare the wicket, cut the outfield, make the teas, coach and manage 30 or 40 kids, keep on the straight and narrow with regulations ( like them or not) , provide insurance to safeguard your pockets and generally keep the show on the road. 

Please give as much time as you can when asked to help with special tasks at the ground, and above all else please make sure you pay your match fees promptly. These monies are vital to our cash flow so we can meet all the commitments that go with providing the facilities that you all enjoy. Please keep all this in mind and help us by considering  our volunteers and friends and helping as much as you are able. We thank all of you who have volunteered in helping prepare for this season and we hope you enjoy it.

Andrew Saye – President

Greg Lock  – Chairman

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